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Starting your own website doesn t seem to be rocket science and, it s not. But, having a plan in place to launch, knowing exactly what to do before and after the launch is very important for your success. I have often wondered, and I have seen many of my friends beating around the bushes to find success after starting a new website. Sometimes, I have ended up making the same mistakes a second and a third time. If you have launched a website or are planning to, you know what I m talking about. With MisterAcronym.com website design and development in full swing, I am again thinking to revisit my launch plan of this website with my partner, Bill Butler. MisterAcronym.com is a creative project with the intention to entertain and educate, while helping our readers expand their vocabulary in English language in a very creative manner. We also plan to add books for children and adults, special services and many fun things when the website launches. Bill and I are very excited about this ambi

What time do you get up on Saturdays and Sundays? Why your weekends? Well, that is because I wanted you to know what time you get up on your own when you have a choice to sleep more. Those who know me know that I am an early riser (if not super early.) I go to bed after midnight and I am up around 6 AM (working to notch it up to 5 AM,) every single day. Not because I hate sleeping, but because I believe I can do better than that. An Early Childhood Practice Early in my childhood, I saw my dad getting up at 4 AM every day without exception. In fact, he was the alarm clock for my family. He would work for the government from 9 to 5, take care of our farm (yes, we did have cattle and we did not buy milk,) at night and in early morning, and then he would sit down with us to make sure we did our homework before he left for his duty. We did not appreciate being woken at 6 o clock every day, making us upset . But, I have come to appreciate his discipline and determination now that I understa

Do you use your blog as a tool for building your credibility, authority and influence? If you haven t thought in that direction so far, you need to start clearing your blogging misconceptions quickly and start thinking of your blog as a tool to do so. A lot of bloggers come to blogging to make quick bucks and very soon, they fade away once they begin to realize that there is no shortcut to success. Making legitimate money has never been and will never be so easy. Some people blog only for the purpose of link building as their core objective. Well, that aspect of blogging should be dying now since the recent crackdown by Google. Using Your Blog To Establish Your Brand Credibility In this post, let’s take a look at a few things you need to keep in mind in relation to blogging. Yes, blogging, content marketing is a great way to start sharing your knowledge, your thought processes and to reach out to the masses. Blogging is a great way to establish your credibility as a marketer, as a t

Launched in January 2004, Google s first social media venture, Orkut is shutting down on September 30, 2014. I received an email from the Orkut team notifying me of this development a couple of days ago. If you know anything about Orkut, you may remember that it was launched even before Facebook. It was very popular in India and Brazil, although it never took off in the US. In fact, Orkut was my first introduction to social networking, although I found Facebook much better and I gradually moved away from Orkut. Later on, as Google launched its new social networking website Google+, I moved all my stuff from Orkut to Google+. Well, we knew that the end for Orkut was near as soon as Google plus was launched. In fact, most people I know shifted from Orkut to Facebook as soon as Facebook started to gain popularity right around 2008. The Time Has Come To Say Goodbye Orkut, that gave us our first social networking experience (at least it is true in my case for sure,) is now about to say goo

Have you come across people who come to you for answers but actually seem to have all the answers already? The situation becomes even especially more challenging when they have not paid for your time in trying to help them get their answers. I have had several such encounters with people who wanted me to guide them; coaching them so they could succeed in their careers. But, as it turned out, they really were not looking for anything but to waste my time. A Recent Interaction I do not do prospecting for coaching clients. But, probably because of my leadership related posts and quotations that I sometimes share on social media, some people begin to think that I might be a life coach and this gentleman approached me as well. The Beginning Of Relationship Building He appreciated what I do and that he loves my contribution on the Internet. He said that my writing resonates with him and that he would like me to become his business coach. He also offered to pay my charges. All I had to do wa

Do you believe that you don t need to talk about yourself if you are good at what you do? Or, shall we call it as a myth ? Over the years I have met people who absolutely believe that the only people who promote themselves and talk about their skills and craft are those who are not good at it. Have you met people like that? Do you believe in that theory? There Are Stories To Back Up The Claim My friends who believe that you should not promote yourself have examples of people who never promoted themselves. But they became world famous because of their actions alone. People such as Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, and many more. If you pay attention, you  will find people, some famous ones (in every country, in every culture) who never promoted themselves, but achieved a tremendous amount of success because they were so good at what they did. What About Those Who Died In Silence? However, if you flip the coin, you will find many more people with incredible talent, God-given abilities and

When it comes to using social media as an entrepreneur, should you invest your time in growing your presence on Google+? There are different purposes behind using different social networking websites. But, does Google+ deserve an investment of your time? I like Google+ as a networking website with no ads, no distractions and very active user community (the last one is subjective.) In fact, Snigdha has about 27,000 followers and she gets a couple of hundred followers every new day. Google+ works great for some people. As content marketers and bloggers, probably, it is important for us to set up Google Authorship and pay some attention to the SEO benefits of using Google+. However, is Google+ going to pass the test of time? Is Google+ going to stay around or is it going to just be another failed product of Google and die like Orkut? First, The Good News Probably, our time invested on building a strong Google+ presence will not go in vain. Google seems to be connecting Google+ with other

Most of us have a Gmail account. Gmail has almost become a gold standard in email hosting. You might find yourself using it for everything in your life as well. But, as everything else that comes free, your Gmail account isn t always safe or secure. Your accounts may get deactivated or hacked for any reason and then you know how painful the recovery process can be. This is the scary part. On top of that, imagine you are using Google Drive to store your documents (like I do). Losing your Gmail account can be devastating for many. Easy Solution For Emails Use Email Clients I know how cool Gmail is when it comes to searching emails (Google s ability to search things is awesome.) That is why I love using web client when it comes to Gmail. But, configuring your email client such as Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird is a great way to create a local backup copy of your emails and contacts, etc. In cases where your emails were lost or mistakenly deleted, your local copy would help you find it

Did you know that your profile picture is the first thing that people like or dislike about you when they see you first time online? Your profile picture is your foremost representative in the digital world. It is the most important aspect of your first impression online. It affects how we are perceived by others. If your personal branding is important to you, you should pay attention to how you choose your profile pictures on Facebook/Twitter/Google+ or any other website that represents you. Let s discuss the reasons. An Interesting Study & Results In an intresting study, PhotoFeeler discovered many aspects of a profile picture that affects how we are perceived by others. They studied about 800 profile photos and based on 60,000 ratings receeived, they put together this infographic: Things To Remember About Your Profile Photo Some of the most common mistake people make (and I have made some of that) are: They put their pictures with an awesome background where they look like a tiny s

The success of your email marketing depends on how many people open your email. Obviously there is no point in sending emails to those who don’t even open your emails, right? Email open rates seem to be an important metric for many internet marketers. In fact, I have been very diligently following email open rates for a long time. But, it changed after my friend and a fellow entrepreneur, Adrian Jock helped me understand this correctly. His post helped me understand this concept and then I did my own little experiment to test the theory. The results were inline with what I had thought. I am going to get into this subject just in a minute. However, let’s understand what is an email open rate from a layman’s perspective. What Is An Email Open Rate? Email open rate is a measurement of how many people on your email list open a particular email. The email open rate is usually shown in percentage. It is calculated it using the following formula: How Email Open Rates Are Measured When