Kumar Gauraw

The challenge of having a productive and inspiring online experience is a big one. Especially, when your computer is connected to the internet,  it seems distractions are just waiting to happen. Disconnecting the internet, checking emails only once a day etc. are not the things some of us can accept as a good solution. In fact, to me and to many entrepreneurs with online businesses, such recommendations are counterproductive. I have been doing a lot of trial and error to find a better solution.  The main challenge has always been: How do I start my online experience on a positive note? How can I turn my time on the internet into subconscious motivation? How do I ensure that my online time is used wisely? What Begins Well, Ends Well Thanks to an awesome personal development coach, Sid Savara who recommended this method on his website. I picked up the idea from him, tried it for a while and I must tell you, it worked like magic! This technique works on the principle of programming our

Do you think you don’t know much about SEO? You think SEO and search engine traffic is only for the pros?

Aren’t SEO, website traffic, engagement and conversion one of the major ongoing battles for every website owner? Aren’t these things important to you? I know these are an important aspect of online marketing to me. And, if these things are important to you also, you need to learn from the best and continue to learn today, and every day. The rules of the game keep changing. What worked last year, doesn’t

There seems to always be confusion about using Facebook Page vs Facebook Profile for business. For a small business owner or a solo entrepreneur, it is a bit confusing to go one or the other way. When I started to use Facebook back in the days, I didn’t have any business online. My profile on Facebook was to be in touch with friends and family. It was actually the cool new place where all my Orkut friends were migrating. Well, so did I. But, things changed and they keep changing consistently, even today. Facebook introduced the concept of Facebook Pages for business a long time ago. Then, they put limitations on the number of connections you could have on your Facebook Profile, and so on. As a business owner, most of us are already aware of the differences between a Facebook profile and a page. Therefore, I am not going to cover that topic here in this post. However, the question is, as an entrepreneur, should you use Facebook page for business or should you focus your energy on

Setting up a blog, promoting it a bit on Facebook and Google+, garnering some website traffic and then adding Google Adsense to monetize – is all about making money online, isn’t it? Well, several months ago, a couple approached me for some guidance about making money from home without jeopardizing their visa status in the US. They were students from India here to do their Masters. Interestingly, they introduced themselves to me in a grocery store but had been my blog readers for a while. I asked them if they had already thought about doing something. Among other things, they made mention of making money online through blogging. And the first line in the post which I wrote, I paraphrased what they had said. Blogging Is Not As Simple As You Might Think But boy they were naive or what! With millions of new blogs starting every year, although it seems like something that anybody can do it because everybody is doing it, blogging is a bit more complicated than that. Blogging is

WordPress is an awesome content management system (CMS) because of its fantastic set of plugins. With so many free and premium themes and plugins, WordPress allows you to get pretty much any functionality you may want, right? I have previously shared about some of the “must have” plugins that pretty much every WordPress blog needs. And you can refer to this post for reviewing the list. However, in this post, I am going to share a few very interesting plugins that give us some unusual functionality. These plugins are not a must, but do add some advanced features to your website when used correctly. 1. More Control On Your Plugins With Plugin Organizer I am somebody who likes to have control on what’s going on a website that I manage and for my website (which is image heavy anyway), I am always looking for ways to reduce the page loading time. One thing that I never had control over on WordPress is the way it loads all the plugins, all the time, before rendering the pa

Should you build a brand image on your name or should you establish a company name and brand it while you remain invisible? I had this discussion with a young online marketer from India

I guess you already figured out what I am going to discuss in this post from the title itself. However, if you don’t have kids, you can still participate in this conversation and perhaps, add some value from your perspective. Social media, especially Facebook, is always a cause for concern among parents and a reason for friction in two different schools of thought. Like all technology, social media is neutral but is best put to work in the service of building a better world.

Owning your own business is definitely the most preferable course of action everyone wants to take as soon as possible. Entrepreneurship is definitely more glorified in our society today than ever, and for good reasons. Statistically speaking, there are about half a million new businesses started each month in the United States alone. Check out the details on these statics by Business Insider here. This number, of course, includes startups across all industries. But, Statistics Are Not Always Exciting However, isn’t it another interesting fact that 7 out of 10 businesses shut down in their first new years of operation? Now, I don’t know about you but I have seen more people than I can count in just the last 2-3 years who started a business (all kinds of businesses) and they didn’t last very long. Many people got inspired looking at my blog and started out to become a blogger, an online entrepreneur and what not. They came seeking my guidance which they received every

Have you noticed some blogs get the limelight, just in a short span of time after they launch, while others struggle for years for a little traffic? Why does that happen? Why do some bloggers start to get into the mainstream so fast while others, far more capable and talented, can’t figure out why can’t they get their share of the pie? What mistakes are they making? Are You On The Right Track? First of all, success is a subjective thing and, whether or not you are becoming successful with your blog, depends on your goals. This is a very important point to remember. You must have clarity about your blogging goals because a confused mind can’t make right decisions. If you started blogging for your personal branding alone, you probably shouldn’t worry if you aren’t making a lot of money online through your blog. As long as you are able to control your brand image online, you are doing fine. However, a lot of new bloggers are starting out to make money online