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When it comes to blog commenting, there is always a debate as to which commenting system is the best and which one should you use. Well, the grass is always greener on the other side and I see that true in blogging arena too. People who have default WordPress commenting system, they wonder if they should switch to CommentLuv or should they choose DISQUS? People who have one of these commenting systems, they seem to wonder if the other one is better. We had a wonderful guest blog post by none other than Adrienne Smith just a few days ago about CommentLuv, it s components and some incredible features of the tool and. Adrienne did a phenomenal job of showing us why CommentLuv is so powerful tool for blog commenting and how it is designed to fight spammers and increase engagement on your blog. She s a great testimonial of CommentLuv as she has a buzzing online community through blog commenting while she never gets spam comments. Isn t it what most bloggers are looking for? If you haven t

I am not such a huge fan of having too many plugins on a WordPress installation. However, there are times I can t avoid adding a plugin or two for a feature that gets my attention! At other times, I come across some awesome plugins because my clients need them. I am not suggesting that you install all of the plugins I suggest. However, if you need a feature that one of these WordPress plugins offer, these are definitely a great choice! I am  not going to write a whole lot about these WordPress plugins because their functionalities are so intuitive, and they are so lightweight, that you don t need to go through too many hoops to get them working for you. As the title says, I am going to talk about only 3 plugins this time. I share about these because I think these are some great tools in your arsenal as a blogger/developer. So, let s get started. Have That Little Cool Go To Top Button On Your Pages Have you seen some of the recently developed powerful WordPress themes come up with a G

When was the last time you analyzed your blog traffic to identify your most popular blog posts? How many of those posts are from last year or the year before last? It s not just about Google. The real readers of your blog, the humans also tend to be highly focused on what’s new. No matter how great your content is and how relevant it is — chances are, your readers will ignore it if they notice that it was published 3 years ago. Don t trust me? Well, try bringing up one of your favorite blog posts from 3 years ago and highlight it on your homepage without changing its published date! Let s see how much traffic you receive on that post. Another good indicator could be the number of comments you receive on your older posts even though you might have a few people landing on those pages through search engines and your content is evergreen. Doesn t it mean those published dates play a role somewhere? Example Google Search With Blog Post Dates Displayed Not because you don t know about t

Many people ask how did I start making money online and if I could help. I wanted to share some of my experiences while building my online business and to share how I did  it. I have been an online marketer for at least 5 years now with a thriving web development business, a managed WordPress hosting business, and social media marketing services business. Today, I do small-to-large scale website design/development projects for professionals and companies with an offshore development center in India. It amazes many people when I say that I didn t know the difference between a static web page and a blog post. I was already making a six figure income through my profession which had nothing to do with online marketing or websites. That means, I didn t have to learn this if I didn t want to. I didn t even have an idea that I could have a business like this one day. How Did I Get Good At This Stuff? The only reason  I wanted to start my website was the desire to work on my personal brandi

This is a guest post by my friend Adrienne Smith. She is a blogging coach admired by many and an expert at building relationships and blog commenting. Please feel free to connect with Adrienne on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ Don t forget to enter the lucky draw at the end of this post, you might win a FREE Premium License! CommentLuv Premium is the brain child of Andy Bailey and I am sure most of you either use this plugin or at least have heard of it. Andy knew he could improve upon the free version but would need some beta testers to try out this new plugin before he released it to the public.  I immediately signed up since I loved the free one and I was eager to take it for a test drive. Because I have been using this plugin for all these years and I still love it to death, Kumar asked me if I wouldn’t mind sharing with his readers why I think this is absolutely the best plugin around and what you might not know about what it can do. Why Some People Don’t Like Comme

Did you know that blogging is the best way to build your brand identity? It helps you, not just in reaching out to a maximum number of people, but it is also the most effective way to get your message out to the world. Everybody I talk to understands the value of blogging. But, the biggest challenge people have is finding time to actually do it. Starting a blog is one thing; staying consistent, and continuing to blog regularly, is another. That is where most people give up. In fact, I have seen blogs with good community fade away because the blogger couldn t keep up. I don t know  about you but I certainly find it overwhelming at times. There are days I just don t feel like writing and there are other times when I don t have time to write, even though I know what to write. I have been through phases where I wonder if I will be able to keep up with this responsibility. You Can Find Time For Blogging The good news is that I have been able to streamline the process for myself. Now I kno

Have you noticed a sudden increase in the number of hosting companies offering managed WordPress hosting service? Last week, I was approached by two of my good friends asking me to recommend a reliable WordPress hosting company. Since they were just getting started, I recommended BlueHost to them as a good option for beginners. However, these people seem to have done their homework before talking to me. So, they asked, How about going for managed WordPress hosting offered by BlueHost? Now, that got my attention because if these people were allocating their budget for managed WordPress hosting service, I better take them seriously. If my company is offering managed WordPress hosting service, why should my friends think of somebody else, right? So, I compared features that Krishna World Wide Hosting offers with other managed WordPress hosting offers by companies like BlueHost, GoDaddy, DreamHost etc. and then I compared their prices with that of ours. Once I knew what my customers get v

If you check into your Google Analytics, chances are that your About page (if you have one) is among the top 5 most visited pages on your website. Especially, for your first time visitors, it is the most important page. Any new visitor who lands on one of your pages through organic search or any social media channels, it is the About page that they visit next if they like your content. I have talked about it in the past and I want to talk about it one more time. This time, I want to talk about it in detail because as I was doing analysis of my conversion rate yesterday,  I found something very interesting. Out of all the pages on my website including my homepage, the most converting sign up form on my website is the one which is on my About page. More than 50% of my subscribers in the past year have signed up for my mailing list from my about page. Why You Should Have A Decent About Page I know blogs and even business websites that do not even have an About page. I am sure that you h

Did you know that hackers may be trying to consume your server bandwidth and CPU resources at this very moment if you have a WordPress powered website? Do you have any mechanism to know that someone is trying to get into your website? Do you have any protection mechanism enabled? You Might Have Heard Of BruteForce Attacks A large botnet of more than 90,000 compromised servers has been attempting to break into WordPress websites (randomly) by continually trying to get into the WordPress admin dashboard using the default admin username and guessing passwords. This isn t an old story. InMotion reported about these brute force attacks on 17th July 2014 and a couple of websites on Krishna World Wide Hosting servers came under attack in the last two days as well. Your Username And Password Might Be Strong if you have been using WordPress for some time, you should know by now that admin, as a username, is very poor website security. In fact, some web hosts require you to remove that username